NFL Weekly Round Up 3/25

A lot has gone down in the NFL over the past week . There have been some players on the move, as well as others calling it quits. Also the 2019 NFL season will see some very important rule changes come into effect. All this and more will be discussed in this week's NFL Round Up. New Pass Interference Replay Rule

NL Power Rankings

Week 3 There were some shakeups in the Power rankings this week. The Dodgers fell, but how far? And how high did the Padres climb? 1. San Diego Padres (11-6) The Padres went 7-3 on their first road trip of the season on their way to the best record in the National League. Rookie shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr.

Chris Davis Is Redefining The Slump

Do you remember Eugenio Velez? You probably do not. Chris Davis, however, is now very aware of Velez's existence. Davis started his season in the worst possible way. He is hitless to this point in the year. Furthermore, he is now 0 for 49 at the plate going back to 2018. The same player that finished third in the

NFL Draft Prospect Breakdown: D.K. Metcalf D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss Strengths: I can’t start off an article about D.K. Metcalf without mentioning his incredible physique. He is built like a rock and still has incredible speed. Metcalf is a deep threat that can take the top off a defense. He has the explosiveness to instantly create separation at the

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